The Way We Grow Your Business...

Our specialized services are geared to companies looking to increase their sales without investing in internal expansions:

lead generation

Success in marketing and selling your services or products is all about finding customers to purchase them.  We filter through customers and find the ones that are in need of your services, and that is why DSM’s lead generation services bring you high quality leads. The telephone is a very efficient and effective way to expose customers to your product of service and quickly provide it to your company.

Designed for busy business owners who need the expertise that we offer, our lead generation services will get you in more homes and making more sales!

Direct Solutions Marketing currently provides leads in the following industries: Roofing, Flooring, HVAC, Plumbing, Landscaping, Driveway Sealing, Basement Refinishing, Renovations, Windows & Doors, Fencing, Masonry, Driveways, Alarm Systems, Painting, and more.





Our skilled B2B representatives are professionals themselves who understand the needs of small businesses. 

Our Business to Business programs are designed to target your ideal business client base. Our team of professional client executives and account managers focuses on a consultative sales approach by building relationships and engaging the key decision makers in your target market. We specialise in small and medium business markets and provide your brand with a personal representative.


Our sales come from direct contact with customers at their homes. We've found that the door-to-door sales approach allows us to get results that typical sales-techniques can't touch. Our experience and knowledge using the direct-to-consumer strategy boosts awareness and brand preference for your customers.

Direct Solutions Marketing is currently providing services in:  




We are passionate about designing and developing meaningful and
functional websites with an strategic approach. Direct Solutions
Marketing is your one-stop-shop for a complete web design solution.
We can provide work from scratch, re-design and update your current
website, or tailor your specific needs in terms of designing and branding
your company, products & services with a fully functioning website.



corporate rentals

We create customized rental programs for companies so you benefit from
an efficient and effortless experience, whether you’re a small or large

When it comes to renting a vehicle, DSM makes it simple. We have an
extensive supply of corporate vehicles, work trucks, work fleets, cars, vans
for any company vehicle rental. Our vehicles are built with the latest
features for any commercial transportation rental needs. Our rates are very
competitive to suit the diverse needs of our customers and there is no limit
to how many vehicles we can rent.

Our company and our customers have access to over 12 independent
truck-leasing companies in Canada. Now DSM can offer more to our
customers through our multiple locations across Canada. Whether you
require a less expensive long-term rental or flexible short-term rental, we
can handle your transportation needs!

Give us a call at 1-647-749-5660 to find out more information on our
company vehicle rentals. We will be sure to assist you in all your vehicle
rental needs.




Our Marketing efforts to grow your business’ visibility online is very
efficient & we have a technical and creative team to help you increase
your rankings. We bring you traffic by using powerful tools and
techniques such as Keywords, Analytics and great content strategy. Our
SEO approach is ultimately looking to attract more visitors and gain
popularity between the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and
others equally important.



Our Social Media Team will help you to interact professionally and cleverly with your audience. Interaction Social Media is gaining weigh in terms of reputation, brand representation and effort marketing. Promotion, novelty, reviews, and customers engagement are the most important thing to plan for a Social Media Marketing. 


DSM strives to create constant demand for your products or services!